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a unique support experience for women entrepreneurs

Kamylinjade Enterprises is the brainchild of Kamylinjade Enterprises LLC. Combining her passion or real estate entrepreneurship, her certified experience as a public notary in Harris, Waller and Fort Bend counties, and a unique taste in handbags, Kamylinjade Enterprises LLC is offering women entrepreneurs a rare combination of offerings under one roof: (1) share their experience as real estate entrepreneurs with Kamylinjade Enterprises LLC; (2) get their official documents and deeds notarized by her; and (3) build a gorgeous collection of handbags for work and social settings.

Kamylinjade Enterprises LLC provides the 21st century American woman a practical combination of tools and resources to build her business and her image at once. Kamylinjade Enterprises LLC is also a rental property management company

About Us

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Notary Services

Takisha Blacklock Is A Licensed Notary Based In Houston, TX, Assisting Businesses, Professionals, And Individuals With Their Documentary Notarization Needs In 3 Counties.

Takisha visits her clients for their notary needs during Saturdays and Sundays. You can set up an appointment if you are located in Waller, Harris, or Fort Bend Counties using Takisha’s online calendar, and she will visit you on the set date and time.

Meet Takisha Blacklock


Based in Houston, TX, Takisha offers notary public services in 3 counties. She also has an impressive collection of handbags that she picks out for quality materials and affordable prices, showcasing them for working women looking for the perfect blend of quality and price.

Takisha was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. She moved to Houston several years ago and called it her ever since. A few years later, she became a certified public notary in 2015.

She is a passionate entrepreneur, using Kamylinjade Enterprises LLC as the launchpad for building her own real estate portfolio and handbags brand that will also include dedicated product lines for apparel and home decor.